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Together Outotec and Ecobio are at the heart of business

Outotec offers advanced technology and services to provide for the sustainable utilization of Earth’s natural resources. As the world’s leading supplier of mineral and metal processing technology, Outotec has developed several pioneering technologies for the mining and metallurgical industry over the decades. Outotec has a global reputation with sales and service centers in 36 countries over six continents. 

Outotec’s contribution to the development of energy-efficient and environmentally sustainable technologies in the traditional mining and metal processing industry has been significant. The company strives to highlight the competitive advantage of their product features through providing quality and environmentally friendly services. In addition, 88% of the company’s deliveries are environmental goods and services compliant with the OECD classification.

The long cooperation between Outotec and Ecobio goes back to the times of Outokumpu in the 1990’s. Ecobio has been working on a number of projects with Outotec for over 10 years, including evaluating Outotec’s environmental management system, looking at the environmental impact of technology and of corporate responsibility at Outotec. Outotec also works with the Ecobio Manager service for managing their sustainability requirements.

“We look forward to our partner’s vision of where the world is going along with new ideas. In addition to its expertise, Ecobio has experience of working with various other companies in the indsutry. Our goals are high and we also expect the same from our partners”, says Jarmo Koskimaa, Director of Environment and Safety at Work.

Last year our sustainability report was already eighth, as Ecobio has helped us to become certified for environmental responsibility and social responsibility. The theme of the report is refining information to promote sustainable development. The theme illustrates the benefits of automation and digitalisation in the sustainable use of natural resources.

“We have received accurate feedback from Ecobio for our development and our tool report development. Co-operation with Ecobio has gone very smoothly and we have kept to a tight yet flexible schedule. It is also important to us that our sustainability consultants have remained the same because they are familiar with our history. Year-on-year reporting seems a little easier, “says Eila Paatela, Senior Vice President, Communications.

Outotec has been successful in corporate responsibility reporting competitions and has been praised for its reporting, from investors, among others. For the sixth time, the company was ranked fifth in the Global 100 list of the world’s most responsible companies. The Canadian media and investment advisory firm, Corporate Knights provides these statistics through estimates of around 6,000 listed companies through publicly available information for listing and through using 17 environmental and social responsibility indicators and governance indicators.

Reporting requirements are increasing

“We have achieved good results. Our technologies can make a positive impact globally, and we also find this report very useful. For example, the carbon dioxide emissions of customers using Outotec’s metal technologies last year were 6.2 million tonnes lower than the industry average”, says Ilkka Kojo, Director of Sustainable Development, and continues:

“The field is changing all the time and the reporting and requirements for information are increasing, for example, expectations for biodiversity are increasing. Last year we became certified for the ISO 50001 Energy Management System standard.”

The company is a global player and a pioneer in sustainable development in a traditional industry. Young people are particularly interested in this aspect. ”Our work is important and things are going in the right direction,” say Outotec’s corporate responsibility experts.