Are you a leader in corporate sustainability?

We are the right service provider for you to achieve your sustainable development goals.

Do you increase revenue respecting nature and fulfilling requirements?

We are the right service provider for you to achieve your sustainable development goals.

Business Benefits from Sustainable Development

We create advantages for you and your business through combining sustainable development, the latest technology and your stakeholders’ views. With us, your business stands at the forefront in digitalization and artificial intelligence. As our client, you will recognize the creativity of our engineer services as business benefits along with a smooth customer journey and unique innovations.

We are the first environmental management consultancy in the Nordics. We have won various awards for our innovations. 

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We change the world through our corporate sustainability services.


Extensive Experience in Environment, Chemicals and Corporate Responsibility

We have extensive experience in numerous industrial sectors resulting in that we have the capability to serve you and your company comprehensively. We get carefully familiar on the unique features of your business and help you solve difficult tasks. We combine various disciplines such as ecology, chemistry, biology, geography, social sciences and information technology. We are an industry leader in the digitalization, automation and artificial intelligence revolution within corporate sustainability services.  We help organizations of all types and sizes, from start-ups and factories to top management consultancies. Our working community is international and multilingual.

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How to Apply EU’s Taxonomy Regulation and Reporting Requirements

Our whitepaper helps companies reach and maintain compliance with EU’s Taxonomy Regulation in a constantly moving situation.



How the Biocide Product Regulation Functions in the EU and Its Main Obligations to the Biocide Suppliers

Our whitepaper helps you make your biocide business run smoothly.



A Digital Solution for the UN Global Compact and UN SDGs

Our brochure helps companies globally manage their commitment to UN Global Compact and related legal requirements across the company.


Corporate Sustainability Consulting

Management Consultancy, Strategy and Reports

Sustainability Tools for Top Management

  • Strategy Services
  • Management Systems (ISO 14001, 45001, 50001)
  • Environmental Manager Service
  • Verification Services
  • Sustainable Finance

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Chemicals and Product Safety

Safety and Eco-Advantages for Products

  • Chemicals, REACH and biocides
  • Safety Data Sheets
  • Environmental Impact Assessment of Products
  • Products in Circular Economy

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EIA, Permits and Other Authority Cases

Efficiency and Compliance for Operations

  • Environment
  • Occupational Health and Safety
  • Energy and Climate
  • Circular Economy and Waste Management
  • Real Estates and Environment

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Research Services

Sustainability Studies

  • Life Cycle Assessment  (LCA)
  • Emission Models
  • Biodiversity and Nature Studies
  • Sustainable Development and Society
  • Energy Transition
  • Regulatory Impacts

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Ecobio Manager

  • EU taxonomy alignment and reporting
  • Regulation tracking and chemical management in various countries: European Union, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, United States; California
  • Regulations for the environment, chemicals, energy, health and safety, responsibility and product stewardship
  • Multifaceted features for chemical management
  • Safety data sheets
  • Monitoring of restricted substances
  • Compliance audit
  • Risk assessment.

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Get to know Ecobio Manager

“Ecobio demonstrates good customer service. They are flexible and always answer questions as and when they arise.”
Vapo Oy, Katja Oksala, Senior Manager, Quality

“In terms of Ecobio Manager service, the usability is very impressive and I appreciate the software’s flexibility. I am also happy with the fact that we have a good contact person to turn to.”
Cargotec Oy, Jussi Korpela, Director, Quality Systems

“I am particular pleased with their friendly customer service and their flexibility.” Onninen Oy, Patrik Vesterinen, Quality Manager

“I am pleased that the Ecobio Manager service is always up to date. I’m also very pleased that once a year our specific needs are thoroughly discussed and the service is then tailored to our specific requirements.”
IDO BathRooms Oy, Thomas Kronberg, Manager, Process Development and Environment


Current News and Updates from Ecobio.

Are you professional in chemicals? Test your knowledge of Hazard Pictograms!

Ecobio has released a fun test on chemicals to help you determine the level of your knowledge in the chemical field. The game is intended for those who handle chemicals at their workplace. Are you aware of the new hazard diagrams? You can put your expertise to the test. If you perform well in the test you will receive a certificate you can put on your wall!

We help you balance business and nature.


“My dream is to create environmental solutions that also make business sense.

I think that creativity is our greatest asset. It is the key to sustainable development.

I am proud that Ecobio team provides every day such services to several global corporations, which are leaders in their own fields.”

Sanna Perkiö, Founder of Ecobio, D.Sc.(Tech.)

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Nature is unique and its value is immeasureable. We work for biodiversity, for the sustainable use of natural resources, for a clean environment and for the people’s well-being.


Our services bring you real business value through improved compliance, increased profitability and reputation building. We also make complex tasks easy and inspiring for you to manage.


We solve environmental challenges creatively, utilizing the latest technology. Working at the crossroads of Sustainable Development and Information Technology, we use innovative ways to share our know-how with you.


We work in smooth collaboration with our clients, the authoroties, researchers and other relevant stakeholders. We respect their various values and opinions. Together we strive to create sustainable solutions.


Our Experts are Always Close By

Our first-rate services arise from the seamless cooperation amongst our in-house experts. Get in touch with our comprehensive and profoundly environmentally friendly team, either by phone, email, or through a contact form. A member of our team will then contact you as soon as possible.


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