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Gasum is using Ecobio Manager

Gasum’s Locations throughout the Nordic Countries use Ecobio Manager

Energy company Gasum is a Nordic gas expert who, together with its partners, promotes our development towards a carbon neutral society. Gasum promotes the emergence of a sustainable economy for energy through increasing the domestic supply of biogas, developing the Nordic gas ecosystem and managing gas price competitiveness.

The company brings natural gas to Finland alongside refining biogas and transfers and supplies them in a versatile fashion to be used in energy production, industry, households, as well as land and sea transport.

Minna Tolonen serves as Gasum’s environmental and energy manager at HSEQ. Her responsibilities include environmental issues, corporate responsibility, energy and biogas sustainability. The Minta department provides services to the entire Gasum Group.

“Ecobio and I have worked together over the years. Three years ago, we introduced the Ecobio Manager Legacy Tracking Tool. It has worked excellently, and now our list of regulations also covers Sweden. We would also have a demand for this type of service more widely in the Nordic countries. Seuraamme myös toimintamme vaatimustenmukaisuutta. (We will also monitor the compliance of our operations.) Find out what is meant by that sentence. In addition to this, we have worked extensively with matters concerning chemicals, and we now have updated safety data sheets, “says Minna.

One of the main themes of Gasum’s corporate responsibility is to enable the transition to a low carbon society and the circular economy. Over the past year, in co-operation with Ecobio, our focus has been on the waste/product interface of recycling and related legislative issues.

“I appreciate Ecobio’s professionalism and their ability to interpret legislation soundly in practical situations. Our relationship with Ecobio works very well and I get answers to my questions quickly. The training sessions that Ecobio offer are also really useful and we are very happy that Ecobio has started to hold webinars. I have received good feedback from these webinars. Gasum has various activities throughout Finland, so our team is scattered and so there are not always opportunities for our staff to personally attend live training sessions. As a result, these webinars have worked really well for us in this regard.”