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Environmental Permits

  • Assessments for Environmental Permit Requirements
  • Environmental Permits, Authority Negotiations,  both Opinions and Appeals against the Decitions
  • Registrations for Environmental Authorities
  • Baseline Survey of Soil and Groundwater Quality and Soil Contamination Assessment
  • Nature Value Studies
  • Studies for Best Available Technology (BAT)
  • Environmental Risk Assessment and Pre-cautionary Plans
  • Monitoring Plans for Environmental Permits
  • Annual Reports of Monitorig Plans for Authorities
  • Permits’ Implementation and Further Studies

Permits and Impact Assessments for Water Resources Management Projects

  • Permits for Water Resources Management Project and Opinions
  • Impact Assessment of Water Resources Management Projects
  • Restoration and Management Plans of Water Bodies
  • Management Plans for Sediments/Dredged Materials
  • Management Plans for Stormwater
  • Planning for Monitoring Programs
  • Water Load Calculations

Zoning and Land Use

  • Environmental Impact Studies for Zoning Projects
  • Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Spatial Analysis

Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)

  • Environmental Impact Assessment Program
  • Environmental Impact Assessment Report/Study
  • Communication and Information
  • Resident Surveys and Dialogues
  • Social Impact Assessments
  • Project Management

Environmental Modelings and Studies

  • Odor exposure Modelings Using Odor Panel Methodology
  • Dispersion Modeling for Chemical Emissions
  • Noise Exposure Models and Noise Reduction Plans
  • Traffic Calculation for Noise Impact Assessment
  • Dispersion Modeling of Chemical Emissions.

Occupational Health and Safety

Chemical Safety

  • Preparation of Chemical Registers
  • Calculations to Determine the Scale of Handling and Storage of Chemicals
  • Permit Applications for Large-scale Handling and Storage of Chemicals
  • Major Accident Prevention Policies
  • Notifications on Limited Handling and Storage of Chemicals
  • Chemical Risk Assessments for Workplaces
  • Exposure Scenario Assessments and Guidance in Safe Use of Chemicals
  • Safety Assessment for New Chemicals of the Workplace
  • Advisor of Safe Transportation of Hazardous Chemicals

Occupational Health & Safety

  • Emergency Action Plans
  • OHS Risk Assessments
  • Health and Safety Audits
  • Safety Trainings
  • ATEX-documents

Energy and Climate

  • Energy Efficiency Assessments
  • Energy Efficiency Review (Motiva’s qualification)
  • Science-Based Target for Greenhouse Gas Emission Reduction
  • Carbon Balance Modellings and Impact Calculation
  • Company-specific Climate Change Review and other studies
  • Company-specific Climate Programs
  • Preparation of Emission Permits for EU EmissionTrading Scheme and Authority Reporting
  • Consulting and Calculations for Emission Reduction Projects Accorging to Joint Implementation and Clean Development Mechanism
  • Impact Assessment of EU’s Emission Trade Scheme and Risk Assessment of Carbon Dioxide Limited Economy.

Circular Economy and Waste Management

  • Material Efficiency Review (Motiva’s Qualification)
  • Material Efficiency Assessments
  • Material Flow Assessment
  • Studies for Recycling and Re-use
  • End-of-waste Studies
  • Circular Economy Studies and Impact Assessment
  • Recycling and Waste Management Planning for Waste Material at Sources

Real Estates and Environment

  • Environmental Advisory for Real Estate Classification according to LEED (LEED=Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design)
  • Environmental Advisory for Real Estate Classification according to BREEAM (BREEAM=Building Research Establishment’s Environmental Assessment Method)
  • Advisory and Applications for Emission Classification (M1) of Building Products
  • Energy Efficiency Review (Motiva’s qualification)
  • Material Efficiency Review (Motiva’s qualification)

Ecobio’s References

Environmental Permits

  • Fingrid Varavoima, Numerous environmental permit applications
  • Port of Helsinki ja Port of Hanko, Annual monitoring report of environmental permits and reporting into authorities’ data system
  • Nurmijärven Sähkö, Environmental risk assessment
  • Arizona Chemical Oy, Baseline Report

Water Load Permits

  • Finnish Transport Agengy, Waterway’s permit applications at Rauma

Environmental Impact Assessment

  • Vapo Oy, Numerous environmental impact assessments for peat productions
  • Port of Hanko Oy ja Finnish Traffic Agenge, Environmental impact assessment (EIA) of Port of Koverhar
  • Ekokem Oy, Environmental impact assessment of industrial waste center at Mäntyluoto, Pori
  • Port of Kotka Oy, Environmental impact assessment of enlargement in Port of Kotka (Mussalo)

Environmental Modelings and Studies

  • Kuusakoski Oy, Traffic and noise studies for waste management plant in Heinola
  • Nammo Vihtavuori, Chemical exposure modelings

Chemical Safety

  • Sulzer Pumps Oy, Calculations to determine the scale of handling and storage of chemicals
  • Vantaco Oy, Major accident prevention policy

Energy and Climate Change

  • Prysmian Oy, Energy efficiency review
  • Orkla Oy, Energy efficiency review

Circular Economy and Waste Management

  • Rautaruukki Oyj, Hämeenlinna Factory, Waste inventory and waste management planning for steel product factory
  • Metsä-Serla Oyj Paper and Board, Waste inventory and reusage studies for paper mill
  • SOK Real Estates Oy, Planning for waste management of department stores in the shopping center
  • Senaatti Real Estates Oy, Planning for waste management for a part of real estate portfolio

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Our Authorized Qualifications

  • Material Efficiency Reviewer (Motiva)
  • Energy Efficiency Reviewer (Finnish Energy Agency)
  • RTS EPD Verifier (Rakennustietosäätiö RTS)
  • Dangerous Goods Safety Advisor (TNA, Trafi).

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