About Us


We offer consulting services in sustainable development and Ecobio Manager an advanced SaaS for managing corporate sustainability.

We are preferred by Nordic companies and organizations, from start-ups to business concerns. Our customers consist of operators in many industries such as the export industry, ports, energy companies, universities, and the public sector. Our customers have a total turnover of tens of billions.

We have specialized in sustainable development since 1989 and are thus one of the oldest sustainability companies in the Nordic region. Ecobio has been one of Finland’s strongest companies since 2007. We have won various awards for our innovations.

We offer consulting services as a pioneer in the industry. We consult, train, model, research, create government documents and negotiate with the authorities. We use the best software and the latest standards in the industry. Our Ecobio Manager service makes the management of sustainable development and chemicals smooth by using the latest technology and automation in the industry. The benefits of the SaaS are reflected in the efficiency and compliance of our customers.

Expertise and working community

We employ experienced consultants, in-depth researchers and experts in customer service and business administration. We help with tasks that require in-depth knowledge regarding environment, chemicals, work environment, materials, products, energy, responsible communication, and social responsibility. One-fifth of our staff have a doctorate in the field. Our consultants always have the latest information on the requirements of national law and the European Union. Our working community is international and multilingual. In our working community, we speak Finnish, Swedish, Norwegian, and Danish as mother tongues and we have the ability to handle client assignments in six different languages.

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Way of working

Our services are based on an in-depth understanding of our customers’ operations and value creation for both the customers’ operations and the environment. We solve even difficult tasks to achieve our customers’ goals. We work closely with our customers, the authorities, researchers, and other stakeholders. Our way of working is characterized by courage and an enthusiastic spirit to accept challenges. We are known for high quality results and overall project management. We also make difficult projects simple and understandable by combining creative thinking, commercial understanding, and engineering skills. As a responsible partner and employer, we are the right choice for you!

Our mission

We are changing the world with the help of our sustainability services for companies.

Our vision

Companies find balance between their business goals and the well-being of nature.

Our promise

We help you balance business and nature.

Corporate responsibility

Our commitment to values within corporate responsibility is reflected in our customers’ responsibility and in balancing the effects of our own operations. We help our customers strengthen their responsibility commitment. Responsibility is at the core of our business.

We influence the environment through practical actions. Therefore, we balance our own natural footprint by investing 1% of our annual turnover in places with significant value in nature. We also replace the carbon footprint in our operations and facilities through Nordic Offset. See the certificate of our compensation of the carbon footprint 2020 here.

To thank our customers for the past year, we annually give a Christmas present to a carefully selected environmental organization. Since 2019, we have donated our Christmas present to the Baltic Sea Action Group (BSAG). Read more about the campaign and the donor here.

Our working community is equal, diverse, and accepting. In our working community and in leading positions, we have more than 50% women. The well-being and motivation for sustainability tasks of our employees is important to us. We work for an encouraging, supportive, and inspiring work environment. We manage our employees’ occupational safety and health risks with the help of Ecobio Manager.

Ecobio – The name sums everything up

The name of our company, Ecobio, means house and life in Latin. Our name combines environment, economics, and science. We emphasize the harmony between economic activity and nature and the importance of biotechnology as a solution to environmental challenges.

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