Technology Industries of Finland promotes biodiversity – Ecobio as an expert in the project

On Monday, December 14, 2020, the Technology Industries of Finland association published biodiversity guidelines for the industry. Ecobio was an expert partner in the preparation of the biodiversity roadmap for the industry. The project created a unique biodiversity-focused plan. We value the collaboration with the Technology Industries of Finland association and are proud to publish the cooperation on biodiversity. The project was based on the need for technology companies to identify and manage their footprint in biodiversity.

Strengthening biodiversity is a key element of sustainable development. Biodiversity policies create opportunities and competitive advantages for technology companies, for example, in international markets and show a genuine sense of responsibility for the planet’s future. For instance, resource-wise production can serve as a strong competitive advantage as part of the supply chain. Taking nature and its diversity into account creates a more responsible pathway for new markets, products, and services worldwide.

Ecobio provides biodiversity expert services for companies. Our biodiversity experts help companies identify their environmental impacts at different stages of the life cycle of products and services and act proactively, considering economic factors. More information about our biodiversity expert services can be found here.

More information about the project can be read in the Technology Industries of Finland association’s press release in Finnish here.