Ecobio Whitepaper: EU Taxonomy Classification and Reporting in 2022 – Five Steps for Compliance

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EDIT: EU Taxonomy classification and reporting in 2023 – Eight steps to compliance whitepaper available now

The new whitepaper aims to provide implementation guidance on EU Taxonomy Classification and Reporting requirements valid from 2023. – Click for more here.

In 2022, the Taxonomy classification and reporting requirements are limited. Non-financial undertakings are required to disclose the share of their turnover, capital, and operational expenditure associated with environmentally sustainable economic activities. Our new whitepaper contains the five steps for compliant EU Taxonomy classification and reporting in 2022.

The whitepaper provides implementation guidance on EU Taxonomy Classification and Reporting 2022. The document deals with the actions needed in non-financial undertakings. The five-step work pipeline in the whitepaper will help you fulfil the actual Taxonomy requirements in your entity.

Read the whitepaper to learn:

  • What the EU’s Taxonomy Regulation implicates
  • How your company is affected by Eu taxonomy
  • What the current timeline for the Taxonomy looks like
  • Which requirements apply to your company
  • Five most important steps to meet the Taxonomy Requirements

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EU Taxonomy classification and reporting in 2022

The EU Taxonomy Regulation and related statutes direct investments toward sustainable economic activities. They formulate a robust and science-based framework for companies and investors that provides environmental criteria for determining which economic activities substantially contribute to the EU Green Deal objectives.

The EU Taxonomy Regulation (2020/852/EU) sets technical screening criteria to determine if an economic activity can be considered sustainable for six environmental objectives. Currently, the screening criteria are available for the two objectives: climate change mitigation and climate change adaptation. The screening criteria for the remaining objectives will be published in spring 2022.


Digitalise your EU Taxonomy work process

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