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Risk Assessment with Ecobio Manager

risk assessment

Have you noticed the new Risk Assessment tool in Ecobio Manager?

Ecobio Manager helps your company with statutory risk assessing.

Risk assessments are very important as they are a central part of a professional environmental and occupational health and safety management plan. The aim of the assessment process is to evaluate hazards and remove them or minimize the level of their risk by adding control measures. By doing this you can create a safer and healthier workplace.

With the help of Ecobio Manager you can easily conduct environmental, health and safety as well as chemical exposure risk assessments. Your organization can follow the most important risk factors and implementation of the risk control measures. Easy-to-use service helps you to determine the risks on your workplace. Ecobio Manager also facilitates authority processes while automatic risk calculation and responsibility delegation features enable time and cost savings. For chemical management customers, risk assessment provides an intelligent integrated solution with the chemicals list for evaluation. The system also automatically uses hazard statements for the chemical when determining the risk.

Risk assessment Ecobio Manager

Other benefits of the tool:

  • Helps your company meet the legal requirements and makes regulatory inspections smoother.
  • The latest risk assessments are available to all workers.
  • Automated risk calculation saves time and resources.
  • You can easily allocate responsibilities for different tasks.


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