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Technical Screening Criteria – environmental objectives

Technical Screening Criteria – environmental objectives

Recommendations on the technical screening criteria for the last four environmental objectives

The Platform on Sustainable Finance recently released its report with recommendations to the EU Commission for the technical screening criteria for the remaining four environmental objectives defined under the EU Taxonomy Regulation (2020/852/EU). The report released on 30 March 2022 will provide the foundation for the upcoming environmental delegated act, although the EU Commission is not obliged to follow the recommendations. The Platform continues its work on the technical screening criteria for a selected set of activities and plans to release the criteria as a separate supplement in May 2022.

Defined methods and criteria

The current report details the methodological approach followed by the platform when selecting relevant and prioritised activities for which technical screening criteria should be developed – and formulating the criteria. The report consists of two parts.

Part A explains the approach of the platform and the methodology followed. It defines the ambition level for each environmental objective and clarifies what a substantial contribution means for each environmental objective. It also explains the consultation process and provides recommendations and reflections for future work.

Part B lists all the defined activities according to sector and defines the technical screening criteria and the rationale behind the selection of criteria. Note that the EU Commission is not required to follow these requirements.

The publication of the upcoming delegated act based on these recommendations is expected during Autumn 2022 and to apply from 1.1.2023. According to the Disclosures Delegated Act (2021/2178), companies need to report alignment with the new criteria 12 months after application.

The report from the Platform follows the recently released reports on the environmental transition taxonomy (29 March 2022) and the social taxonomy (28 February 2022).

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