Ecobio launched the world’s first comprehensive digital solution to comply with the EU Taxonomy Regulation

Ecobio launched the world's first comprehensive digital solution to comply with the EU Taxonomy Regulation
The Ecobio team at the launch event 29.9. From left: Taru Halla, Emma Björkqvist, Katrine Hoset, Sanna Perkiö & Evelina Meski

The EU environmental classification legislation for sustainable finance, in short, EU Taxonomy Regulation, is a large-scale, regulatory-based framework that requires companies to define environmentally sustainable economic activities. The regulation is an EU tool to steer the economy towards sustainable development. Companies will have to meet the requirements gradually from the beginning of 2022.

The EU Taxonomy Regulation obliges large, listed companies and companies operating in the financial markets to classify, assess and disclose their economic activities in accordance with sustainable development criteria. In the future, the Taxonomy Regulation will apply to a broader range of business entities.

Companies are now preparing to comply with the requirements of the EU Taxonomy Regulation. To date, little assistance has been available for companies to assess the conformity of a large-scale classification system and to report data.

Ecobio Manager aims to solve the EU Taxonomy challenge of over ten thousand companies

Today, Wednesday, September 29, 2021, Ecobio announced the world’s first comprehensive and easy-to-use digital solution to meet the requirements of the EU Taxonomy Regulation. The solution is implemented as part of the Ecobio Manager SaaS service. Ecobio Manager is an environmental compliance tool for business operations, products, and subcontractors as a cloud service.

– Ecobio Manager is the world’s first comprehensive taxonomy solution including a smooth classification process and up-to-date legal databases, as well as an environmental risk assessment protocol. So far, there has been no service with similar coverage in the global market, said Sanna Perkiö, D.Sc., founder, and the Head of Development of Ecobio.

The EU Commission has created a complex system, which may result in companies getting lost in the requirement jungle without expert help and a systematic way of working.

– We offer over ten thousand companies in the EU an easy and competent digital solution to meet the requirements of EU Taxonomy. Feedback from listed companies and the financial industry has been both enthusiastic and relieved.

From the beginning, companies should take advantage of the efficiency offered by digitalization, Perkiö suggested.

– The first requirements of the taxonomy must be reported as early as next spring. We expect wide interest and customers from all over Europe.

Read more about our digital solution for EU taxonomy here.