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UN Global Compact and Sustainable Development Goals


Global Compact is a UN initiative in which companies commit to ten principles regarding human rights, labour standards, environment, and the fight against corruption. UN Global Compact was launched in 2001 and the initiative has since been joined by more than 12 700 companies and 3 000 other organisations totally from 160 different countries. Companies involved in the Global Compact are required to annually report their compliance with the principles to UN.

Agenda 2030 by UN for sustainable development aims to eradicate extreme poverty and focus on sustainable development that considers the environment, economy, and people equally. The underlying principle of the program is that no one is left behind in development. The aim is to change global development into a balance between human well-being, human rights, economic prosperity and the stability of societies in an environmentally sustainable way. In addition, extreme poverty in all its forms will be eradicated from the world. States, decision-makers, and citizens are all needed to achieve the goals of sustainable development.

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