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Webinar 27.1: EU Taxonomy Reporting in 2022 – What are the obligations and how to use digitalization in reporting?

EU Taxonomy Reporting in 2022 - What are the obligations and how to use digitalization in reporting?

Join our EU Taxonomy webinar on the 27th of January!

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In our webinar, Ecobio’s EU taxonomy experts will briefly review the current environmental classification and reporting obligations of the EU Taxonomy for large companies and entities regarding 2022 reporting. The webinar focuses on the requirements of large listed companies and non-financial entities.

Why is EU taxonomy reporting timely?

The EU Taxonomy Regulation requires large organizations to assess and report annually the financial impact of environmentally classified activities. In the spring of 2022, large listed companies and other non-profit organizations will report for the first time in accordance with the regulation.

The EU Commission has created a complex system that makes it easy for companies to get lost without expert help and a systematic way of working. Our webinar presents the steps of first-year taxonomy reporting and introduces an easy and comprehensive digital solution to meet the complex requirements. The taxonomy requirements will expand next spring, making it profitable to take advantage of the efficiency offered by digitalization. As an added benefit, we offer a free trial use of Ecobio Manager for taxonomy-obliged participants for a limited time.

Webinar agenda

Our taxonomy experts will answer the following questions in the webinar:

  1. What are the benefits of the EU taxonomy regulation?
  2. Which entities will be affected by the EU taxonomy in 2022, and what are the obligations?
  3. How are economic activities identified, and how do you perform an eligibility assessment?
  4. What key performance indicators should be reported and how?
  5. What else is required for financial reporting?
  6. How will the EU taxonomy develop in 2023 and the future?
  7. How can digitalization help with environmental classification and reporting?

During the event, it is possible to ask questions of our experts in the chat.

To whom?

The webinar is aimed at financial and sustainability reporting officers of listed companies and other public interest entities, financial- and sustainability experts and those in charge of EU Green Bonds.

What are the additional benefits for the webinar participants?

We offer your company a free trial (worth 3 000 €) to our digital taxonomy solution, Ecobio Manager, until the end of March 2022. During the trial, you can conveniently use digitalization to classify and report your data according to the first year’s requirements. The offer is intended for participants with taxonomy obligations.

We give you the opportunity to take advantage of the added benefit even before the webinar. Contact us by email at sales@ecobiomanager.com, and we will open the service for your company.


The free webinar in English will be held on Thursday, January 27, 2022, from 11:00 to 11:40 (UTC+2)!

In case you are interested in the topic but would prefer to listen to the webinar in Finnish you can register for the Finnish webinar (27.1.2022 at 10.00-10.40) here.

Welcome to listen and ask about the current EU environmental classification!

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