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Webinar 29.9: Comply With the EU Taxonomy Regulation

Are you trying to comprehend the EU Taxonomy regulation and what it means for your company? Do you want to find out the benefits of digitalisation in meeting the requirements? This event is for you.

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In our webinar, our senior consultant Katrine Hoset, PhD, will go through the EU Taxonomy Regulation and how financial and large companies can fulfil the new classification and reporting requirements in sustainability. The Taxonomy Regulation is already in force, and reporting against two of the objectives is required already in 2022 for the financial year of 2021. As the regulation is constantly being updated, we will present the newest details covered by the legislation.

Additionally, we will launch Ecobio’s new digital solution to ensure compliance with EU Taxonomy classification and reporting requirements. We will present the new SaaS in Ecobio Manager that turns the complex set of requirements into a simple and smooth work process for your team. With the requirements for EU Taxonomy soon coming into effect, it is beneficial to have an innovative, efficient, and in-depth solution in mind already now to get the process toward compliance started. The launch includes a panel discussion among the creators of the tool, and questions from the audience will be discussed live.


Watch our event to learn:

  1. What the EU Taxonomy Regulation implicates
  2. What the current timeline for the Taxonomy looks like
  3. Which requirements apply to your company and when
  4. What the compliance process looks like
  5. About our new digital solution for EU’s Taxonomy Classification and Reporting

During the event, you will get an opportunity to ask questions from our experts.

To Whom

The intended audience of this webinar is corporate board members and management teams in sustainability, finance, and communication. Both financial market participants (FMPs) and large companies that already need to provide a non-financial statement according to the non-financial reporting directive (NFRD) will be affected by the regulation.

Are you unsure whether you are in or out of the EU Taxonomy classification and reporting requirements? Take our quiz and determine whether your company is affected by the EU Taxonomy regulation. Test here.


The free online event will be held in English on Wednesday, 29.9.2021, from 9.00-10.00. Timetable:

  • 9.00-9.30: Comply With the EU Taxonomy Regulation (webinar)
  • 9.30-10.00: Launch of Ecobio’s new digital solution to ensure compliance with EU Taxonomy classification and reporting requirements

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