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How to REACH the registration deadline by May 31st?

The REACH registration deadline is getting closer. Only a few weeks to go! ECHA has already received close to 22 000 registration dossiers. The most registrations have been filed from Germany, the United Kingdom and France. Here are a few tips for you regarding the approaching deadline:

Are you the lead registrant in a joint registration?

  • You should create a joint submission in REACH-IT by 9th May at the latest.
  • Continuously communicate your progress to the other members of the SIEF. They will have to meet the registration deadline and will want to know when they will be able to submit their company specific dossier.
  • Make sure that you have a transparent break-down of the costs for your Letter of Access (LoA) available in case the other SIEF members want to see it.

Are you a member in a joint registration?

  • You should submit your company specific dossier by the registration deadline.
  • Make sure that you initiate the process for purchasing the LoA early enough. Typically, you will receive a token for the LoA after all the transactions have been made.
  • Know what you pay for! Make sure you know what is included in your SIEF agreement (i.e. is the CSR part of the joint submission or not).

Are you a downstream user?

  • Ask your supplier for a REACH compliance declaration.
  • Make sure that all the substances you purchase have a proper registration number after the deadline.
  • A pre-registration number is not a proper registration number. All the registration numbers are recorded in ECHA’s substance information database. You can find them in the substance specific dossiers.
  • Know your obligations as a downstream user. Even though you don’t have to register, REACH still applies to you.


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