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Blog: Solar energy production demands both solar power and space to utilize it

Land availability is a limiting factor in the implementation of both solar and wind farms; as Richard Lancaster, CEO of CLP Holdings Limited pointed out in his lecture held at Stanford University. Richard himself, being a leader of a large energy company in Asia.

Renewable energy has paradoxes

Big cities are the largest consumers of energy, although they do not have the free land necessary to utilize renewable energy production. Where the strongest winds occur, no one lives. More space is needed in the production of wind power than solar power. In regions such as Silicon Valley, which holds a large volume of roof area along with enjoying a large amount of sun shine; there are advantages in utilizing solar powered energy production.

Whilst discussing an innovation concerning efficient land use, Richard also mentioned a successful project in which they connected solar production with culturing cultivating honeysuckle in the desert.  They collaborated with a local community of farmers in doing so. It was a win, win situation for all parties concerned: the energy producer, the farmers and the regional government.

Sanna Perkiö, 03/05/2018, Stanford