We look to the future

“My dream is to create environmental solutions that also make business sense.”

In the late 1980s, I realized the significance of both environmental protection
and how companies can pursue to balance their business strategies and nature. At that time, environmental management and consulting as a profession did not yet exist. I therefore founded Ecobio to provide services for environmentally conscious companies. Since those early days the trend has gained momentum. Destruction caused by extreme weather conditions has become commonplace. The growing population worldwide requires an increased use of natural resources and increasing use of them and our ecosystem services. Our living environment is becoming more and more chemicalized. The number of species worldwide is in decline. Changes to our environment are now taking place more rapidly. Inevitably, environmental regulation is becoming stricter too, as a result.

We live in an age of innovative solutions, when the way we live gives an indication of the things to come. We do have hope. Many companies are searching for solutions for a better future. Nowadays leadership in sustainability is the mainstream thinking. Materials are increasingly recycled. Our energy system is changing towards one based on renewables. New technologies have a drastic impact on our way of life. They provide us an opportunity to act more in line with nature’s terms and to support both human wellbeing and a healthy environment. Artificial intelligence, big data, circular economy and biotechnology will be part of the new sustainable solutions in the years to come. New types of companies and working communities will be born. New business opportunities, and even entirely new lines of business, will be created.

As individuals, we must reimagine the way we live. Companies play an important role in enabling this change. Change should take place considering both human wellbeing and the natural environment. Ecobio and its team look strongly to the future. We help companies on the path to sustainability through means of embracing new technology, our own competence in the field of sustainability and through inspiring service design.

We change the world through our corporate sustainability services.

Sanna Perkiö, D.Sc. (Tech.)

Founder of Ecobio

Sanna Perkiö

Founder of Ecobio,