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The world’s largest Life Cycle Model for the Valmet Paper Machine 

Ecobio carried out a Life Cycle Assessment model of a paper machine and therefore deduced the environmental impact of the machine over its life cycle. The paper machine in question was the well-known Rauma 4 machine delivered by Valmet UPM to Kymmene.

The Rauma 4 paper machine is one of the world’s largest machine shops and consists of thousands of components. The main stages of the paper machine’s life cycle are the primary production of materials, the manufacture of materials, the manufacture of parts, the assembling of the machine, the use and maintenance of the paper machine and its scrapping at the end of its life. While in use, the paper machine consumes plenty of water and energy.

Creating such a complex model was quite a large undertaking and very challenging work with Ecobio carrying it out according to plan and according to schedule. The work was done in accordance with the ISO 25000 series. A third party confirmed the results of the life cycle calculation. The Life Cycle modelling was carried out as a joint venture involving the Valmet Paper manufacturer, wire producer Tamfelt and chemical producer Kemira, as well as UPM Kymmene, a paper machine manufacturer. The project was not only funded by the companies involved, but also by the Technology Development Center.