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Biocides in the European Union

Biocides in the European Union

Download our comprehensive whitepaper about biocides in the European Union here!

It might not always be so obvious, but biocides belong closely to our everyday lives. They are products we use regularly, for example disinfectants, preservatives, insecticides, rodenticides, or repellents which kill, deactivate, render harmless or prevent the action of harmful organisms. Right now, the Covid-19 pandemic is still bothering the mankind making the biocides even more important to us than ever before – each one of us has used hand sanitisers and other disinfectants during this time.

Biocides are important products, and we need them in our lives in various occasions. Biocides are regulated in the European Union (EU) by Regulation (EU) No 528/2012 on Concerning the Making Available on the Market and Use of Biocidal Products, often called simply Biocidal Products Regulation (BPR). The EU BPR regulation requires many elements and aspects to consider and fulfill in order for the biocidal products to be complaint with the EU-legislation and allowed to be sold and used on the EU-markets. In addition, different national regulatory practices apply making the fulfillment of all the requirements even more time consuming and tedious.

Reach and maintain compliance with the EU Biocide Product Regulation

Our whitepaper gives an overview of the European Union Biocide Product Regulation (BPR), the regulatory approval process of the biocidal active substances, and particularly of the authorisation process of the biocidal products in the European Union (EU).

Do you want to know what the European Union Biocide Product Regulation (BPR) is? Are you curious about how the regulatory approval process of the biocidal active substances work and how the authorisation process of the biocidal products in the European Union work? These are just some of the questions our whitepaper answers as well as presenting how to run your biocide business smoothly.

Download our whitepaper here.

Ecobio helps you make your biocide business run smoothly

Ecobio can provide you with valuable information on biocides as our consultants have a high knowledge of the BPR legislation and the regulatory practices of the biocides both at the national and the EU levels. We can guide you through the entire biocide authorisation process and assist you to make your biocide business to run smoothly. We are at your disposal and wait for you to tell us more about your biocidal products or biocidal active substances, your circumstances, and needs.

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