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Full REACH Registration for two of Fortum’s substances 

Ecobio’s Chemical Team was the lead registrar regarding the full REACH registration of two water treatment chemicals for the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA), located in Helsinki. Our customer in this specific chemical registration project was Fortum Corporation.

The registered substances within the project were “difficult substances” according to the OECD. The long-term project required in-depth and versatile expertise in various fields of science including molecular-level structures, physical-chemical properties, biochemistry, toxicology and ecotoxicology. In addition, according to the EU Chemicals Regulation, a detailed interpretation and registration of the chemicals demanded the proficient use of a software designed for registering chemicals.

All members of the Ecobio Chemical Team regularly participate in ECHA training and so have the ability to provide our customers with an expert service regarding such complex issues.  

Ecobio’s response to implementing the chemicals’ registration was to produce a plan for the project which would start after the extended safety data sheets were prepared. The project included, inter alia; the following tasks:

  • Project plan, project management and cost tracking
  • Data gap analysis of registration data
  • Data waivers and Adaptations
  • Exposure scenarios and exposure mapping
  • Sampling planning and guidance
  • Laboratory bidding: design of analyzes, bidding, bid comparisons and delivery control 
  • Chemical Safety Reports (CSRs) and Exposure Scenarios
  • Determination of safe exposure limit values ​​(PNEC, DNEL)
  • Creating and submitting registration documents using ECHA software (IUCLID, CHESAR, REACH-IT)
  • Hazard classification of substances based on test results
  • Creating extended safety data sheets

In addition, an important part of the project concerning the lead registrar was to have continuous contact with other companies registering the same substances (SIEF maintenance) and the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA).