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The Jänskä EIA project succeeded well and on schedule

The town of Kotka planned to implement the mining and crushing of the Jänskä industrial area at a faster pace than the current environmental permit permitted. The annual amount of extraction was estimated to be so high that the environmental impact of the project as a whole had to be looked at through conducting an environmental impact assessment procedure on the area. The partner selected to carry out this impact assessment was Ecobio.

The aim of the mining project was to utilize the rock material extracted to be used in port facilities and that the accelerated extraction of the mining area would allow it to become the industrial area it was designated to be in the new city plan. In this industrial area, the total number of quarries in the period 2017-2020 is 1185,000 m3, depending on the estimation. (As the change in the amount excludes exceeded 200,000 m3 / year, the change in the EIA procedure was required.) 

“The purpose of the EIA procedure was to provide information on environmental impacts to support planning and decision-making processes. Since it was the first EIA project of the Infra Planning Unit, it was important to be aware of and manage the entire EIA process. Because of the urgency of the project, the timetable was also of utmost importance, “says Planning Manager Matti Paavola from Kotka City Council 

The project was divided into four clear and consecutive parts:

  1. Preparation of the EIA program
  2. An EIA Program Audience and Listening
  3. Creating an EIA report
  4. The EIA Review of Speaking and Public Speaking

“The tight schedule of the project was constantly on the minds of Ecobio’s staff who were always thinking about how to keep on top of the schedule. Co-operation with them worked smoothly and flexibly. Continuing the overall management of the project was an important factor. Concerning new EIA projects we may come across, I can surely say that I can safely rely on Ecobio’s know-how,” says Matti.

The next step in the project is the environmental permit process which we have also decided to implement in cooperation with Ecobio.