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New interpretation and guidance on screening criteria and reporting

On Monday 19.12 the EU Commission published two draft Commission Notices, one providing interpretation and implementation guidance on the EU Taxonomy Climate Delegated Act and one providing interpretation and implementation guidance on the Disclosures Delegated Act.

The Commission Notices complements previous guidance provided on reporting of Taxonomy-eligible economic activities and an earlier Commission Notice on the Disclosures delegated act. While the previous guidance focused attention on Taxonomy-eligible activities, the new drafts focus on the application of the technical screening criteria and reporting Taxonomy-aligned economic activities. The aim of the new documents is to clarify the existing provisions, but do not expand or add additional requirements.

Draft Commission

Draft Commission Notice on the interpretation and implementation of certain legal provisions of the EU Taxonomy Disclosures Delegated Act

The Commission Notice on the Disclosures Delegated act answers FAQs and aims to assist non-financial companies with the reporting requirements under the Disclosures Delegated Act. Topics covered include general questions and questions on the turnover KPI, the capex KPI and the opex KPI specifically. General questions cover for example reporting on activities under the Complementary Climate Delegated Act (nuclear energy and fossil gas), the impact of CSRD, accounting for “double-counting”, and consolidation of KPIs on group level.

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